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LV Distribution for CGU Leeds Offices

Glenace recently designed, built and installed an impressive LV Panel for a brand new office block in Leeds city centre. The building was occupied until September last year, and has recently been acquired for just under £10 million by a prestigious national property asset manager. The building totals 50,763 square feet, compromising upper floor office space and ground floor retails space. Glenace provided the LV panel for the upper floor offices.

The company’s spokesman said at the time of building “We have ambitious plans for (...), as we look to transform this well-positioned building into an exciting workplace at the forefront of the Leeds market. Be prepared, we are planning something very special."

Glenace are proud to be be part of such a project in providing the electrical backup support in creating a mixed-use redevelopment of a Leeds city centre building. Glenace are proud to partner and supply to a company with such great ambition who strive for an improved working environment for all types of office workers. The building was substantially redeveloped and incorporated the principles of a diverse community of like-minded people shaping a place together. The environments are of course connected not just physically, but socially and digitally, with a design-led and tech-savvy quality space for occupiers to work in.

Glenace were selected for their rapid design, assembly and delivery times. To make an enquiry for ATS panels or switchgear that can be custom designed to sort your requirements, call 01977 688 157 or email

Semi-built Glenace LV Panel for new Leeds City Centre office blocks.
Mid-way through the building process of the LV Panel

LV panel, designed and built by Glenace ATS panels for brand new office block in Leeds City Centre.
The Finished Product

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