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Paralleling Switchgear and Control Systems by YorPower (formerly Glenace) are designed and manufactured to provide maximum flexibility and control of  power generation systems. Our synchronising designs integrate all aspects of metering, protection, communication and controls to deliver maximum performance, reduced fuel consumption and improved economy as well as system reliability.

YorPower's knowledge with generators and LV equipment from all major European and US manufacturers, controls panel brands and governor systems for prime movers,  results in efficient and innovative parallel switchgear designs for redundant power applications. ​

Types of Application

Prime Power Applications  – where generators are the only source or main source of power as in say island-mod i.e. no mains is available Standby Power – where the generators serve as back-up to the main (utility) source, commonly installed in hospitals, airport, waste-water/water treatment facilities,  Paralleling with The Grid– where generators are applied to supplement the main source (as in peak shave applications) and may also act as the standby system as well.

Load priority control where loads are applied from a pre-determined sequence, highest to lowest priority, based on system capacity and characteristics. Generator operational control where only the pre-determined number of generators are asked to start and carry load, either in a scramble or preset start-sequence. Operator interface touch-screen terminals (OIT)/Human Machine Interface (HMI) where system controls and interrogation can be accomplished at the switchgear or from a remote network/PC/PLC.


Remote communications in the most common industry protocols like modbus/canbus and being fully conversant with industry leading Ethernet/interface modules, comm-ports and RS 485 type connections. Utility paralleling system designs in passive closed transition (waiting for the sources to become synchronized in voltage, frequency and phase angle), active closed transition (where synchronization is dynamically controlled), soft load or continuous base loading systems. ​

Synchronising Panels
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