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Glenace Design & Build New Hydrogen Green Energy Controls System

Glenace design and build ATS Panels, LV switchgear, synch panels and control panels. We manufacture, install and commission electrical systems for low voltage electrical panels. We take a project from outline concept design, to full installation, commissioning and handover for a wide range of applications and market sector industries. Our control panel manufacturing team and wire-man

work in tandem with our design engineers, maximising time, ideas and productivity. Glenace manufacture a range of standard designs which we have fixed patterns or, bespoke built consoles to meet a specification.

The world’s dependence on fossil fuels for transportation is hugely costly and unsustainable, particularly as developing countries and increasing population raise the level of demand. Glenace is currently working with an innovative, hydrogen energy solutions business whose principle aim is to generate clean fuel, keep costs low and maximise energy efficiency. Emissions are minimised to the point of zero N0X and zero C02 and costs of production are slashed massively reduced levels of transportation as the fuel can be made closer to the point of use. The benefits of employing hydrogen gas as the primary means of fuel are endless, from being able to operate large fleets of vehicles from a dedicated location, to providing a safe solution in more remote areas where the dispersal and delivery of conventional fuel is more hazardous.

In December 2018, Glenace were privileged to be awarded the contract to assist with the design and build a total of three LV distribution control systems for a globally recognised hydrogen integrated solutions manufacturer. These control systems help manage the process of producing hydrogen gas as a fuel for a range of vehicles. The control systems that Glenace designed in conjunction with the client, assembled and configured with precision, will effectively manage the cooling process, the storage and distribution of the gas. When converting water into hydrogen gas the process is complex and the control systems have been developed to allow calibration and complete accuracy of the end product. The control system will also assist in the flow and storage of the hydrogen gas which is produced. The first of the three units was completed last week, and a FAT test was carried out by the client with a positive outcome. The client is delighted with the speed of production, as well as the accuracy and quality of build.

Glenace are set to complete a total of 12 units for the company, who place technology at the heart of their business, and are keen to continue partnering with such industries which strive to innovate, providing alternative, cost effective energy solutions. Hydrogen fuel is ideal for businesses that need to manage from one station, when operating large fleets of vehicles. Also, an ideal solution for remote islands, where distribution of diesel and petrol is hazardous. The benefits are endless, a constantly expanding market that Glenace are guaranteed to maintain their position in with their high-quality product, skilful assembly and adaptation and quick turnaround.

FAT Testing

First finished unit

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